Project Details

We were tasked with creating a complete IMC campaign for a local Bangladeshi brand for our IMC course. For starters, we had to create a core, differentiated value and build a brand identity and promise around that value. We then had to create a story around this brand, and communicate this story to our audience through the IMC campaign.

For this task, we decided to create a premium tea brand targeting affluent and aspiring income segments. KOLPYO offers your own brand of personalized tea. You can mix and match from a wide variety of blends to create a brand of tea that is uniquely yours. This website is one of the promotional materials we designed for Kolpyo.

The Website

It was important that our website provided an accurate representation of our brand personality, identity and core values. To that end, I focused on an aesthetic that blended both minimalist and premium, artisan elements that’s apparent from the landing section of the home page.

The other sections of the home page, such as the Discovery and Create sections, highlight how our customers can engage in co-creation. The later sections, such as testimonials and customer blogs, showcase how our audience views and feels about our brand. After all, genuine third party endorsement can be far more effective than any communications of our own.

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