Why Read UpThrust?

Why Indeed?

In 2006, you could find around 35 million blogs on the Internet. Fast-forward 10 years later, and that number’s now over 300 million. Every day, 3 million new articles are published. Why should you give UpThrust your time of day and not just go somewhere else?

And then there’s another question that’s probably knocking around your head right now. Why read a blog at all? Blogs can be pretty boring. The average blog post is actually over 1500 words long!

Think of all the cat videos you can watch in the 7 minutes it’s going to take read that average post. Isn’t it obvious that blogs are powerless against cat videos, let alone cat GIFs?

I am more of a dog person myself, but I digress.

If you are still wondering why you should stick with UpThrust, here are a couple of pointers to get you going in the right direction and help you to make up your mind.

Now I want to clear this right away: UpThrust isn’t going to give you the cheat codes to life or infinite awesomeness. What it is, is simply a conversation starter that hopefully gives you food for thought about the things you love and do.

Value-Driven and Actionable Content

Here’s the thing: the content ecosystem in Bangladesh is in a very, very early stage. A lot of the content that we are getting right now is what I call fast-food content: easy to create and easy to digest, but nothing substantial.

Now mind you, fast food content isn’t necessarily bad. You feel really good eating a big Mac (trust me, you really do). It’s the same with listicles filled with adorable puppies or nostalgia about your childhood- they fill up your insides with a gooey goodness and make you feel stupidly happy.

But what do you think happens to you when you eat nothing but fast food?

You spend a lot more time here, for starters.

The same thing happens to your mind when you only consume fast food content.

With UpThrust, I want to provide quality content that’s both value driven and actionable. Value driven, as in hopefully you learn something new which can help you get a new perspective. Actionable, as in you get takeaways from the content that you can readily apply in relevant, real-life situations.

It’s the sort of content that you will find hugely useful. Give a couple of my articles, like this one for instance, a read and feel free to let me know how they helped you (or not).

A Place for Great Conversations

I don’t know if you have noticed, but at the moment, promotional content is starting to overtake plain old regular content in Bangladesh. This makes me uncomfortable, and it should make you feel comfortable, too.

It’s the same kind of discomfort you feel when THAT person suddenly acts all nice and friendly and you know that you are just going to be asked to do a big favor. The only reason this person ever talks to you is because he/she needs something from you.

We all have a Littlefinger (or two) in our lives.

Most of the promotional content we get now doesn’t have the time, luxury or nuance to hold genuine conversations with its audience. One of the things UpThrust seeks to provide is a comfortable, encouraging environment where you can talk about the things that interest you. It’s one of the places where you can say anything you like about the topics being discussed. As long as you aren’t being a troll 24/7 or don’t say anything that lands both of us in jail (or you know, worse), we are good!

Because I am Just a Guy, Like You Are

I am writing about 15 different topics that range from business insights to professional wrestling, and I am not an expert in any of them. I barely know what I am doing on my best days, and then there are days when I am terrified that I am going to fuck up every good thing I have going for me. And you know what? That’s okay, because no one else really knows what they are doing either.

The content you see on UpThrust is here because it helped me learn, explore and/or get better at stuff while writing it, and I hope that it’s content that helps you do the same as well.

And you can trust me when I say this, because I am not a hack, a shill or anyone with an agenda. I am just a guy, like you are.

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